This category of visa is for all former Myanmar citizens/residents and all their family members even if those family members were not born in Myanmar. (for example, spouses and/or children) This is a single entry visa only. Social visit visas are issued for a stay in Myanmar up to 28 days and are valid for entry into Myanmar within three months from the date of issue.


If you were granted a visa previously by the Myanmar Embassy in Canberra, please include the followings in your application:

- Passport with at least six months validity & blank page for visa

- ONE Entry visa application form with 15 questions and ONE supplementary form of additional information with 8 questions & copy of old passport/visa (Download PDF )

- TWO recent colour photographs

- Visa fee A$ 65.00 per person (no Exemptions)

- Travel dates showing date of departure from Australia and dates in & out of Myanmar, in writing

- Self-addressed pre-paid envelope or courier satchel large enough to hold all passport, for safe return, i.e. Registered Post, Platinum Express (ordinary postage is not acceptable)

If you were BORN in Myanmar and has never had a visa issued by this Embassy before, submit the followings in addition to the above-mentioned requirements:

- A biographical data form which is fully completed in Myanmar language (Download PDF )

- Copy of Australian Citizenship Certificate.

- Return old Myanmar passport? Travel document?

- Copies of tax payment receipts made to Embassy

Payment Method

Visa fees can be made by Cash, Money Order, Bank Cheque or Company Cheque. (Please make payable to Embassy of Myanmar) No personal cheque will be accepted under any circumstances. All payments must be in Australian Dollars. Payment can be combined in one cheque or money order if there are more than one applicant.

Applications should be sent to the Embassy at least four (4) weeks prior to departure from Australia

Visa must be obtained in advance of travel to Myanmar. Please allow sufficient time to get the processing done. Visa application for the first time entry may take longer and applicants are advised to contact the Embassy prior to the application.

Visa section can be contacted between 9:15am to 3:30pm from Monday to Friday except holidays. Please check holidays list on the website.

Credit cards are not accepted in Myanmar at this time. Please visit AGD Bank website for more information about money changers in Myanmar.

Date & Time in Myanmar

Wednesday, 30th July 2014

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